Construction Loans Evansville, Indiana

Interested in building a new home? We take care of everything from start to finish so you can enjoy the process of building your new home.

Experienced Homebuilders

Minimal Down Payment

Low Interest Rates

Achieve your dream home affordably with free construction loans from Reinbrecht Homes.

Reinbrecht Homes offers free construction loans up to $250,000 – not only making building your dream home a reality but providing the support to achieve that dream affordably.

With Reinbrecht, you can expect to sign a contract, put down as little as $1,000, and enjoy free construction financing. This means during the construction of your home, all out-of pocket expenses are eliminated other than the initial down payment! 

This allows you to keep your money during the build where it could potentially be earning interest and you don’t have to throw away interest only payments during constriction.

Build Your Dream Home


When you schedule a meeting with Reinbrecht, we will spend some time getting to know you your lifestyle and your budget. Our ultimate goal during our first meeting is establish your what you want in a new home and how you will finance it.


After deciding what you want, it's time to make some decisions. You may want a fully custom home or a semi-custom home. We have a variety of customizable floor plans to choose from. From there you'll choose your home finishes and finalize financing.


We'll build your new home on time and on budget. Our streamlined home building process is tried and true and you will be kept updated throughout the home build. All you have to do is sit back relax and get ready to enjoy your new home.

Why Build With Reinbrecht Homes?

Zero Out-of-Pocket Expenses After Downpayment

Typical home builders require you to get a construction loan. Construction loans mean you must make interest-only payments to your financial institution throughout the duration of the build. With Reinbrecht home builders, there are zero interest-only payments and zero out-of-pocket costs from the time you make your down payment until closing.

Down Payments as Little as $1,000

Some home builders require you to put anywhere from 5% to 20% down up-front. Reinbrecht Homes allows you to put down as little as $1,000 to get your build started – with no more costs until closing.

High-Quality Standards

Each of our floor plans comes with a variety of customizable options. Every component of the home – from the driveway to the roof – has a standard with high-quality materials.

Custom Feel

Our semi-custom homes offer the look and feel of a custom home without the complexity of designing one from scratch. This gives you the ease of a move-in-ready home with the design customizations you love.

Floor Plans From Builders in Evansville, Indiana




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Car Garage




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Car Garage

Get Started Today

If you have any questions about getting started on your new home, we’re here to help!

We originally planned to remodel a family farm house, but after talking with friends whose homes were built by Reinbrecht Homes, we decided we would be happier with new construction. Kenny met with us within a week of our call, started construction within four months, and finished well within the projected completion date!

Kevin and Janice Raber

Kevin and Janice Raber

Mt. Carmel, IL

FAQs About Construction Loans in Evansville

A mortgage loan is what most people think of when they think of financing a house. It’s a type of loan that covers the cost of a home that already exists.

A construction loan covers the cost of constructing a new home. It typically has a variable interest rate, which means your payments could fluctuate depending on prime interest rates. 

You have a few options when it comes to a construction loan:

  • Construction-only loans: These cover the cost of the building only. 
  • Construction-to-permanent loans: These allow you to convert the construction of your home into a conventional mortgage, which can be beneficial for those who might not be able to cover building costs. 

Your only out of pocket expense at Reinbrecht is a minimum down payment as low as $1,000.  During the construction you can keep the rest of your money in your pocket.


Reinbrecht Homes is not a bank or lender. However we do have some great relationships with banks who agree to offer competitive interest rates to those who build with us.  Learn about our lower than average competitive interest rates.

When it comes to finding a reputable home builder, there are a few key things to keep in mind. First, make sure to get recommendations from friends, family, and other trusted sources. Secondly, do some research online and read reviews from past customers. Once you’ve narrowed down your options, take the time to meet with potential builders and ask them questions about their experience, process, and pricing. Finally, trust your gut and choose the builder that you feel most comfortable with.

There are 5 questions to consider before building:

1.) Who is moving into the new home? Just me? My whole family

2.)What do I need in my new home?

3.) When do I need my home completed by? How soon do I need to move in?

4.) Where do I want my new home built?

5.) How do I get started? Are my finances in order so I can begin?