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Building a new home is no small task. Luckily, we’ve built enough quality homes to help you choose, customize, and build a home that fits your needs and lifestyle.

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Build the custom home of your dreams with a home builder you can trust.

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Reinbrecht Homes has 20+ years of semi-custom home building experience in Evansville and Southern Indiana. We’ve built homes for every stage of life. Build your new home on your own property or in any of our new home communities.

A semi-custom home is known for being the perfect in-between solution. It avoids the complexity of designing home plans from scratch but gives you more control and flexibility than a move in ready home. 

We have an extensive library of floor plans with standard features. Once you find a floor plan that fits your needs and lifestyle, you’ll work with us to customize it to fit your unique preferences.

Achieve your dream home affordably with Reinbrecht Homes. Give us a call at (812) 615-0137 or contact us to get started!

Build A Semi-Custom Home Stress Free


When you schedule a meeting with Reinbrecht, we will spend some time getting to know you, your lifestyle and your needs. Our ultimate goal during our first meeting is establish your what you want in a new semi-custom home.


First you'll select a floor plan that meets your needs and wants. From there, you'll customize interior and exterior selections like paint, cabinets, floors, siding, etc. You'll still get everything you want from your new home.


We'll build your new home on time and on budget. Our streamlined home building process is tried and true and you will be kept updated throughout the home build. All you have to do is sit back, relax and enjoy your new home.

Why Build With Reinbrecht Homes?

Zero Out-of-Pocket Expenses After Downpayment

Typical home builders require you to get a construction loan. Construction loans mean you must make interest-only payments to your financial institution throughout the duration of the build. With Reinbrecht home builders, there are zero interest-only payments and zero out-of-pocket costs from the time you make your down payment until closing.

Down Payments as Little as $1,000

Some home builders require you to put anywhere from 5% to 20% down up-front. Reinbrecht Homes allows you to put down as little as $1,000 to get your build started – with no more costs until closing.

High-Quality Standards

Each of our floor plans comes with a variety of customizable options. Every component of the home – from the driveway to the roof – has a standard with high-quality materials.

Custom Feel

Our semi-custom homes offer the look and feel of a custom home without the complexity of designing one from scratch. This gives you the ease of a move-in-ready home with the design customizations you love.

Customizable Floor Plans




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Car Garage

Semi-Custom Homes Gallery

From design to construction and finishing, we’re here to make sure your new, custom home is perfect in every way. Click below to explore some of our recently built semi-custom homes.

What Our Customers Are Saying


“We originally planned to remodel a family farm house, but after talking with friends whose homes were built by Reinbrecht Homes, we decided we would be happier with new construction. Kenny met with us within a week of our call, started construction within four months, and finished well within the projected completion date!”

Kevin and Janice Raber


“We just wrapped up building our dream home in the HCAD! Brooke was amazing to work with, she was there with us every step of the way! The process was pretty smooth, they kept to the completion dates they gave us when we began the process. They also do this amazing price lock, the price you sign is the price you pay!”

Steven Schiavone-LaRue


“Our home started with a good plan, then moved on to a budget that included everything from concrete and fill rock to towel bars! Matt Reinbrecht helped us make decisions and even took us to the cabinet maker on an icy, winter day. The quotes were specific and based on what we said we wanted. Thanks to everyone who helped us!”

Fred and Karen Steckler

FAQs About Semi-Custom Home Building

A semi-custom home is a pre-designed home from a pre-exisitng floor plan. Customers can make modifications to the floor plan and select their own home finishes including exterior and interior home features. The semi-custom home building process is less complex than a fully custom-home because a lot of the decisions have been made for you.

Semi-custom homes are an increasingly popular choice because of the immense benefits they offer. 4 reasons you may choose to go with semi-custom homes are:

  • Semi-custom homes are generally more affordable
  • They are quicker to build than a fully custom home
  • The semi-custom home building process is simple & stress free
  • You can still customize features and finishes

The price of a semi-custom home can vary greatly based on the size, interior and exterior features selected, and the mechanical components in the home.

When you work with Reinbrecht Homes,  we provide upfront straight forward costs and no hidden fees so that your dream home doesn’t come with surprises. Choose from variety of customizations – big or small – and know precisely how much it’ll cost before signing anything. Feel confident during the home building process.

Semi-custom homes generally have a pre-construction period of a month and then a construction period of about 6 months. In total your semi-custom home can be move in ready in less than a year start to finish.

A custom home is the most complex. Custom homes require new designs, plans and every detail to come from scratch.

A spec home is the complete opposite. Spec homes are move-in-ready that are built based on the average homebuyers needs.

Semi-custom homes are the perfect compromise. They begin with pre-exisiting floor plans but allow modifications to meet the homebuyers needs.

There are 5 questions to consider before building:

1.) Who will move in to the new home?

2.)What features and amenities do I need and want in a new home?

3.) How soon do I want to move in?

4.) Where do I want to build my new semi-custom home?

5.) How do I get started on the homebuilding process and am I ready?

With all the semi-custom home builders out there, knowing which one to pick can be tricky! To make sure you find a reputable option, start by getting advice and recommendations from those in your circle. Then do some research online – read through reviews of past projects so that you know what kind of work they produce. Finally, it’s time for face-to-face interaction; meet with potential builders personally so that you get an idea of their process and their prices – after-all trust is key when deciding who will build your dream home!

Learn What Comes With a Standard Floor Plan

This guide explains the quality brands, materials, colors, and styles that come standard with a semi-custom home.

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