How long does it take to build a house?

From initial contact, we average six months to a year until a home is completed. Some projects go longer than that, as larger jobs always take a little more time. It’s worth noting the actual build-process is typically less than six months, depending on weather and the complexity of the project.

Is Reinbrecht Homes family-owned?

Yes, it is! Kenny and Rhonda Reinbrecht own the business; and two of their three sons, Matt and Phil, are also involved.  Our plan is to continue on as a family-owned business for generations to come.

How much work is done by your crews?

We have our own masonry crew, painters, carpenters, as well as several laborers. So while we have the ability to independently build most homes ourselves, we sometimes use subcontractors for particular tasks to stay competitive and deliver the best product we can for our clients — at the best price.

It’s worth noting that our company has established, long-term relationships with our subcontractors, and we’re proud to say we’ve helped a few grow their own successful businesses over the years.

Do you have a showroom?

We do! It is located at 304 E. State Road 68, Haubstadt, IN 47639. Our showroom allows customers to make the majority of their home-selections, in person, right here. We also have our own flooring store located at the same address.

Will your office ever move to Evansville?

From Kenny: The short answer is no, we have no intention on moving from Haubstadt, IN. My wife and I raised our family in Haubstadt and the community has been good to us, so we intend on keeping our office here for now. That being said, we’re only 20 minutes from most locations in Evansville.

Do you take 'small' jobs?

Simply put, yes.  We’re more than happy to talk about your small project.

Do you build small homes?

Most certainly! To-date, the smallest home we have built is around 1000 sq ft. If you have plans for a smaller home, we’d love to discuss it.

Do you have house floor plans?

Yes, we have models to choose from as well as hundreds of plans for you to select from or customize.

Do you have move-in ready spec homes?

Yes, you can always browse our list of Available Homes.

What is the best time to catch the owner at the office?

The best time to catch Kenny at the office is early in the morning. His office time is limited since he oversees several projects at a time, spread around the surrounding area.

Do you accept credit card payments?

We do accept credit card payments at the flooring store, as well as for some smaller jobs. Just ask!

Can you add a basement under an existing home?

Yes, we most certainly can (but our advice will most likely be to find or build a new home).

Does Reinbrecht Homes do landscaping jobs?

Yes, we have an in-house landscape designer. He has 5 years experience and a degree in Horticulture.

Let’s talk about your home.

Whether you have questions or just want more information, we always here to help!

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