Reinbrecht’s No Stress
Trade-Up Program

If you sign a contract with Reinbrecht, we guarantee your house will be sold before the new house is built.

Trade-Up to Your Dream Home with Reinbrecht's Hassle-Free Program

Reinbrecht Homes understands that every homeowner has unique preferences and needs when it comes to their dream home. That’s why we offer two different trade-up options to cater to our customers’ specific requirements.

For those who prefer to build a new home, we provide a range of floor plans that allow them to create a personalized living space. On the other hand, for those who want a quicker move-in process, we offer an array of already built, move-in ready homes. These homes are carefully constructed with attention to detail and quality craftsmanship, allowing our customers to find their perfect home without going through the entire construction process. Whether you’re looking to build a new home from scratch or want to find a ready-made home, Reinbrecht Homes has the options to meet your trade-up needs.

For current homeowners who want to build a new home with Reinbrecht:

How We Help:

Buyout Offer

We’ll present you with a buyout offer for your current home.


Once we come to an agreement, we’ll start the construction process for your new home.

List Your Home

We’ll then list your home with the help of our realtor.

We Will Buy

If your home hasn’t sold when the construction is complete, we will buy it.

If your home sells, and if you give possession to the new owner prior to the construction being completed, Reinbrecht will allow you to move into one of our apartments on a month-to-month lease. (No early move out penalty will be assessed and is subject to availability).

For those who want to buy an existing Reinbrecht home:

Sign a purchase agreement for the new home.

We’ll list your current home to sell.

We’ll take the new home off the market.

If yours is not sold within 90 days, we’ll buy it and close on your new one.

Details Below Apply to Both Trade-Up Options

Let’s Get Started

We originally planned to remodel a family farm house, but after talking with friends whose homes were built by Reinbrecht Homes, we decided we would be happier with new construction. Kenny met with us within a week of our call, started construction within four months, and finished well within the projected completion date!

Kevin and Janice Raber

Kevin and Janice Raber

Mt. Carmel, IL

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If you have any questions about getting started on your new custom home, we’re here to help!