New Home Construction

Choose, customize, and build a dream home that fits your needs and lifestyle with Reinbrecht.

Choose From Two New Home Construction Options:

Building a new home is no small task. But as an experienced home builder, Reinbrecht can help you navigate the housing market, perfect your home design, and make you a happy new homeowner. Here are the two variations of home building services we offer.

semi-custom home

Semi-Custom Homes

Modern life is complicated. Your home and the associated building process shouldn’t add to the stress.

Semi-custom homes offer the homebuyer the ‘best of both worlds’, perfectly situating them between the ease of purchasing a move-in-ready home and the complexity of designing one from scratch. The homebuyer selects one of our existing floor plans and customizes the look and feel of the interior and exterior.

What Comes With a Semi-Custom Floor Plan?

We have a library of floor plans with predetermined features, like number of rooms and square footage. Once you find a floor plan that meets your needs, you’ll customize it to fit your preferences and budget.

This buyer guide explains the brands, materials, colors, and styles that come standard with a semi-custom home.

Semi-Custom Project Gallery

We offer a variety of floor plans to accommodate your growing family or help you downsize to simplify things.

Custom Homes

Every family is different. We can build a new custom home to fit yours.

A custom home is an expression of its owners, their values, and style. Standard floor plans don’t work for everyone, and when it’s time to break the mold, that’s where an experienced builder comes in.

We help families like yours build their dream home without unnecessary compromises. We’re straight-shooters who believe in helping you set real-world expectations for your plans and budget. You can plan out every detail down to the plumbing and amenities yourself, or you can let us do it for you! Our expert team is ready to help, even if you simply need a guiding hand.

Custom Homes Gallery

From design to construction and finishing, we’re here to make sure your new custom home is perfect in every way.

Our home started with a good plan, then moved on to a budget that included everything from concrete and fill rock to towel bars! Matt Reinbrecht helped us make decisions and even took us to the cabinet maker on an icy, winter day. The quotes were specific and based on what we said we wanted. Thanks to everyone who helped us!

Fred & Karen Steckler

Fred and Karen Steckler

Mt. Carmel, IL

Build A New Home

We offer an array of semi-custom home floor plans and custom home options. Contact us today to learn more about the next steps in building your dream home.

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