Free Construction Loans

Achieve your dream home affordably with free construction loans from Reinbrecht Homes.

We want to make the home building process as simple and affordable as possible. We offer free construction loans up to $250,000 – not only making building your dream home a reality but providing the support to achieve that dream affordably.

What Does Free Construction Loans Mean?

With Reinbrecht, you can expect to sign a contract, put down as little as $1,000, and enjoy free construction financing. This means during the construction of your home, your only out of pocket expense is the initial $1,000 down payment. Unlike other home building processes, you do not have to make any interest-only payments during construction.

When you make the decision to build a home with us, many expenses are already included in the purchase price of your home, such as the land, as well as your architectural plans – when you choose one of our floor plans in one of our neighborhoods.

The beauty of this process is that you can keep all the money during the build in your own accounts which might even be earning interest. Additionally, you are not throwing away interest-only payments during the build. The combination of these two factors can really add up during the build, which can hopefully set you and your family up for a great start in your new home.

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Free construction financing is available on all home construction loan types – whether it be a standard mortgage, FHA, VA, or USDA loan.

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Why Build With Reinbrecht Homes?

Learn about our simplified homebuilding process.

Zero Out-of-Pocket Expenses After Downpayment

Typical home builders require you to get a construction loan. Construction loans mean you must make interest-only payments to your financial institution throughout the duration of the build. With Reinbrecht, there are zero interest-only payments and zero out-of-pocket costs from the time you make your down payment until closing.

Down Payments as Little as $1,000

Some home builders require you to put anywhere from 5% to 20% down up-front. Reinbrecht Homes allows you to put down as little as $1,000 to get your build started – with no more costs until closing.

High-Quality Standards

Each of our floor plans comes with a variety of customizable options. Every component of the home – from the driveway to the roof – has a standard with high-quality materials.

Custom Feel

Our semi-custom homes offer the look and feel of a custom home without the complexity of designing one from scratch. This gives you the ease of a move-in-ready home with the design customizations you love.

Low Interest Rates

With the current unprecedented low interest rates, the demand for homes has skyrocketed leaving less than desirable homes on the market. When you build with Reinbrecht, you can still enjoy those low interest rate mortgages and get the home of your dreams.

Get A Free Construction Loan

Sign A Contract

First sign a contract with Reinbrecht so you have finalized details about your floor plans, budget, etc. Then Reinbrecht will help guide you in the construction loan application process.

Get Approved

Once approved, it's time to start building. After your intial down payment there are no out of pocket expenses during the construction phase of your new home.


When your new dream home is finished you can either convert your construction loan into a conventional mortgage or you can pay the construction loan off in full.

We originally planned to remodel a family farm house, but after talking with friends whose homes were built by Reinbrecht Homes, we decided we would be happier with new construction. Kenny met with us within a week of our call, started construction within four months, and finished well within the projected completion date!

Kevin and Janice Raber

Kevin and Janice Raber

Mt. Carmel, IL

FAQs About Free Construction Loans

A construction loan is a practical financial solution for those looking to build their dream home from scratch. Unlike a conventional mortgage, construction loan payments are made directly to the contractor as they complete different stages of construction. This type of financing is usually short-term and may come with a higher interest rate than a standard mortgage. At the end of the build, borrowers have two options – either convert their construction loan into a conventional mortgage or repay it in full. With careful planning, this type of finance can give prospective homeowners all they need to see their projects through to completion.

At Reinbrecht, all you have to put down is a $1,000 minimum downpayment. That is the only out of pocket expense you’ll have during the construction of your new home.

There are many different types of construction loans based on different individual needs. They include:

  • Construction-To-Permanent
  • Construction Only
  • Rennovation
  • Owner-Builder
  • End Loan

680. Most lenders will require a minimum credit score of 680 to approve you for a construction loan.

Your lender will require you to have the following details finalized prior to construction loan approval:

  • Your home’s architectural plans
  • Your budget
  • 20% down payment of your final construction costs

In addition to be approved you will need:

  • A good credit score
  • A good debt-to-income ratio (DTI)
  • Other necessary documents such as pay stubs, proof of identity, tax returns, bank statements and more.

Construction loans generally cover:

  • Land/lot
  • Plans, permits & fees
  • Labor and materials
  • Closing costs
  • Contingency reserves
  • Interest reserves