Do I Need an Architect to Design My Custom Home?

Architects aren’t always necessary, even on complicated custom home designs. But there is one scenario we almost always recommend people hire an architect for.

Do I Need an Architect to Design My Custom Home?

‘Do I need to hire a home architect?’

Well, the short answer is no.

Of course, all specialized home professionals add value to the projects they work on.

Home designers, architects, and interior designers are more than capable of improving your final product, but their services are not always necessary — especially if your homebuilder already has a diversified, in-house team.

Now, for the long answer …

Hire An Architect When Building INTO Your Property

Even though a lot of builders, including ourselves, employ designers and architects that will work with you to design a wonderful custom home, there is one particular scenario where we might encourage you to work with a residential architect as you plan your build.

Specifically, we sometimes suggest our customers hire an architect in scenarios where a custom home needs to be designed INTO a specific property location.


A drafting company usually isn’t the right choice if you want to leverage your land to its full potential. And if you have a particularly unique piece of property, it’s really important to get the most out of it. You’ll enjoy your custom home more, and will have a much easier time selling if the need arises.

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If You Choose to Work With An Architect

Sometimes a customer wants to use an architect they know and trust.

You might have an existing relationship with an architect or a home designer that already knows your style or can better translate your ideas into a final design.

That’s absolutely fine! We want our customers to get the home that best fits THEM.

Your home builder of choice shouldn’t have any issues working with your architect. We sure won’t.

Keeping An Eye on the Bottom Line

There is, of course, one big drawback to working with an independent architect: cost. Working with a homebuilder, exclusively, during your planning stages will likely save you money on drafting, a floor plan, and any necessary revisions.

Architects and home designers can bring a lot of value to your custom home build, but they might be entirely focused on the “concept” or “design” and completely unaware of how their design and material choices are going to ultimately impact your bottom line.

That’s not the case when you choose to work with a builder on your custom home design.

A homebuilder acting as both designer and contractor is perfectly situated to keep an eye on cost. They have extensive knowledge of which types of designs and materials will push you past your budget, and should be more than able to guide you towards a custom design that fits your house plan, personality, and your budget.

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