Custom Homes

two-story home closup of outdoor entryway
When it comes to building your dream home, one of the most significant decisions you’ll have to make is whether to opt for a one-story or two-story house. Both options have their pros and cons, with factors such as cost, energy efficiency, and personal preferences playing crucial roles. Careful evaluation of these factors is essential to making the right decision. So, let’s start by comparing 3 big factors in one-story vs two-story homes and explore the various pros and cons of each to determine the right fit for your needs.
Should I build my home up down or out?
Will your home have two stories, a basement, or a wider footprint? Figure out which plan makes the most sense for you your and budget.
light vs. dark flooring comparison side by side
This quick guide will help you make an informed decision by reviewing the cost, resale value, and aesthetics of these very different flooring color options.
Basement Types Which One Should You Choose
To make the right choice for your current and long-term needs, you should have a good understanding of the different basement types. Then you can get what works for you and feel confident about your choice.
building your first home
Building your own home can be super exciting, but it often comes with many complications. If you make mistakes or something you didn’t bargain for occurs, you might need to return to the drawing board. Some of these unforeseen issues can pop up even after you’re already living in your home.
Whether you’re buying your first home or trying to find your forever home, there are a lot of questions to ask — starting with whether a new or existing home is right for you. Our Five W’s can help you determine if a new construction home will best fit your needs: