Reinbrecht Homes Has Some New Home Financing Options

We believe investing in your new home should be an empowering experience, not stressful.

Reinbrecht Homes Has Some New Home Financing Options

We’ve been building homes since ‘95 — more than 20 years. And in that time, we’ve done our fair share of watching clients navigate the world of home financing. Sometimes things go smoothly. Sometimes they don’t.

Like building a home, finding the right mortgage can be complicated. And any snag in the financing process could delay construction or, even worse, force you to rethink the layout or selections in your new home.

We believe investing in your new home should be an empowering experience, not stressful.

So, in an effort to offer the best financing AND homebuilding experience possible, Reinbrecht Homes has chosen to partner with Waterstone Mortgage.

Going forward, all of our clients will have the opportunity to get pre-approved, secure a mortgage loan, and close on their new home — all without leaving our office.

Why Is Reinbrecht Homes Working with Waterstone Mortgage?

The biggest reason we chose Waterstone is they have one goal: provide a mortgage to their client. That’s it! They don’t do anything besides home and construction loans. They’ll never try to sell you a checking account or investments.

They’ve got extensive experience in all types of loans products, have won numerous awards, and are on the cutting edge of technology. Plus, in the short time we’ve been working with Waterstone, they’ve already been able to help several of our clients get into mortgages several banks couldn’t.

How will this partnership improve the homebuying experience?

Offering home financing through Waterstone should make things simpler and less confusing for everyone involved.

As your builder, we’ll be in the loop regarding the mortgage process. Likewise, Waterstone will be able to come to us for information about the build. And you, as the homebuyer, won’t be responsible for managing all the back-and-forth. This will clear up any confusion and reduce the amount of time both parties typically spend waiting for answers to their questions. That means less time twiddling thumbs and more time spent building homes.

But the most obvious advantage for our clients is Reinbrecht Homes is now a one-stop shop for purchasing or building your new home. You don’t even have to visit a bank before coming to see us. Because, if you choose to get your mortgage through Waterstone, we can get you pre-approved in house.

Did we mention Waterstone will cover $3,000 of your closing costs?

Yep. Reinbrecht Homes customers that choose  Waterstone as their mortgage lender will receive $3,000 off their closings costs. And with all the extra expenses that come with a new home, that’s a big deal.

Have any questions? Want to know more?

You can contact the Reinbrecht Homes office, or reach out directly to Craig Huebner, the loan officer who’ll be working with all our homebuyers to secure a mortgage with Waterstone.

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